Sometimes your life or your business demands more. More options. More coverage. More expertise. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding unique solutions for your unique exposures.

At Amer Insurance, we stretch beyond the standard business insurance policy to offer specialized commercial insurance lines. Our agents understand certain aspects of your business require more extensive coverage than supplied in a general business policy.

And because we understand the business environment in Northeast Ohio, we’ll work with you to build a solid strategy for protecting your business from various risk factors unique to these areas.

As a general contractor you are responsible for everything that happens on the job site from start to finish. If a wall collapses or someone on your crew – or any crew – is injured, you’re responsible. We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need, no matter how unique your risk exposures.

For a plumber, every job brings with it a certain amount of risk, whether it’s replacing a toilet, installing a new water heater, or digging for a new 6-inch drain. As a plumbing professional, you need comprehensive coverage that indemnifies you, your crew, your vehicles, your tools, and your clients. We can help.

Electrical contractors face a number of life-threatening challenges when it comes to installing and repairing commercial and residential electrical systems. The threat of shock, fire, and injury lurk around every breaker panel. We’ll design a program that protects you and your clients.

HVAC specialists are involved in one of the most complex, highly specialized trades where general liability or even professional liability will not be enough to protect your business against the risks you face. We’ll design a program that protects your business from the worst-case scenario.

Medical Equipment Supply
As a medical equipment supplier you certainly face a unique set of risks. Working in such a skilled industry means increased liability and federal oversight. At Amer Insurance, we’ve developed a highly tailored and inclusive coverage program designed exclusively for the medical and life sciences industry.

Adult Day Care
The risk exposures adult day care facilities face are among the most dramatic and potentially costly in the industry. We’ll design a comprehensive commercial insurance package coupled with strategic risk management solutions, all of which are exclusively tailored to your institution’s unique needs.

A quality dining experience is the convergence of a number of factors. Unfortunately, each of these factors carries a number of risk concerns, which include everything from the quality of the food, to the cleanliness of your establishment, to the safety of the kitchen. We’ll protect you against your unique risk exposures.

Manufacturing is the starting point of retail and wholesale industries. Our manufacturers insurance specialists can complete a comprehensive risk assessment that outlines all the weak points of your current manufacturing insurance coverage. Cookie cutter policies won’t cut it when it comes to your unique risk exposures.

Information Technology
The information technology industry is growing and changing at an unprecedented rate. IT companies uniquely face more than the traditional exposures such as workers’ compensation, liability, property loss, among others. We’ll work to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your information technology insurance needs are met.

Many board members of non profit organizations don’t think about the organization’s insurance until something adverse happens, but the right insurance coverage can provide you peace of mind so you can focus on your mission. We’ll make sure your organization has the coverage it needs to run smoothly.

We understand the needs and concerns of your parishioners take precedence over your own needs and the needs of your church. While you’re tending to your flock, allow us to help you tend to the mundane matters of insuring your grounds, staff, and any other risk concerns you may have. Let peace of mind translate to a more peaceful spirit.

Standard insurance lines are not extensive enough to protect commercial lenders from the wide set of risk factors that present themselves daily. At Amer Insurance, we understand the liabilities that financial lenders encounter and offer specialized insurance lines so we can better protect you against your unique exposures.

Independent and Private School
Finding the right school insurance program is just as important as finding the right teachers, books, and curricula. The right program protects all your resources, from your board of directors to your buildings. We’ll design a program that will provide your educational institution with superior protection.